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There is what feels like an endless list of different mortgages to choose from, which can make buying a home seem very daunting. Select Mortgages have a helpful list with the basics of the major mortgages, broken down into the pro’s and con’s and who the mortgage is suited to.
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Mortgages to suit you We've handpicked the mortgage types that best suits you. Scroll through the different mortgages on offer. Find out the pros and cons of the chosen mortgage type.
What is popular at the moment?....Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgages, these may be wise with an uncertain future.
  • Re-Mortgages

    Re-mortgaging is the process of taking out a new mortgage on a property that you already have an existing mortgage…

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  • Cashback Mortgage

    A cashback mortgage is one which offers a cash bonus for choosing certain lenders. This cash can be anything from…

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  • Capped Rate Mortgage

    A capped rate mortgage is a type of variable rate mortgage (link back to variable rate). The difference with this…

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Things to consider We've handpicked the mortgage types that best suits you. Scroll through the different mortgages on offer. If one takes your interest, then dont waste your time and click the find out more button. Find out the pros and cons of the chosen mortgage type.
  • Things to think about when buying to let

    Your mortgage offer will be dependent on how much rental income you expect to get from the property, so be…

  • What are the different types of mortgage?

    There are what seems like an endless list of different mortgage types to suit different people's situations and requirements. If…

  • What are the forgotten costs of buying a house?

    There are many more costs to buying a home that get forgotten about, other than simply the mortgage cost. Lots…

Keeping you up-to-date Leave it to us to keep you informed of any changes to mortgaging, be it good or potentially harmful.
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