Ways to Boost the Value of your Property

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there is a bottomless pit of factors affecting the value of your property. Certain things you can’t change, like the Ofsted rating of your nearest school or how close the nearest public transport link is. 

However, some changes that you can make to your property can add a lot of value, much higher than the cost to make the changes. This opens up opportunities to upgrade to a much better area or bigger home with the amount you can sell yours for.

If you can’t make your Property Bigger, Use Creative Storage Solutions

Demonstrating clever use of storage can boost your property's value

If you live in a terraced house or something else is preventing you from making your property physically bigger, using clever storage solutions can boost the value of your property and give it a competitive edge compared with other houses of a similar size.

Putting pull-out shelves in corner cupboards or a built-in wardrobe can help potential buyers see what use can be made of small spaces around your home.

Keep all Rooms Spick and Span 

It is said that a messy children’s bedroom could potentially knock up to £8,000 off the value of your property. Although most people are understanding of the fact that children can make a mess, it really does make a significant difference to the value of your home.

Implementing those punishments for messy rooms may come in to force now!

Take your Feline Friends and Pooches to the Groomers

No matter how much you love your pet friends, if they are intimidating or smelly, the value of your property can drop. You may not notice their smell as you live with them, so a trip to the groomers to make then look extra cute and smell of roses could improve your first impressions.

Try a more Simple Style

Although it’s important to have your own individual style and make your home unique, when it comes time to sell, it may boost your property value to opt for a neutral look in terms of décor.

Not everybody has the same taste. Just as you made your home unique, buyers want to do the same. Presenting them with a blank canvas will make it easier for buyers to envisage this.

Create a Parking Space

If your property is on a busy street or cul de sac and you know that parking isn’t always easy, then putting a drive in could increase your homes value by up to £50,000 in some places.

If planning permissions allow you to do so and you have the space, the upfront costs of putting in a driveway or maybe even a garage could be much lower than the gain in property value.

Get Rid of the Pebble-dash

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, pebble-dashed homes were all the rage, and although they do a solid job at protecting houses from the British weather, they are now about as far out of fashion as they possibly could be.

If your property is pebble-dashed, this could really be plummeting its value. If you can get it removed, then do so, your property’s value depends on it.

On the other side to this, if you are looking to buy a home and find a pebble-dashed property, that could be your opportunity to bag a bargain and remove it yourself.

Things like noisy neighbours, your local pub and the nearest school are factors that you can't have much of an input in. So if you make everything else irresistible you could still boost your homes value.

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