How to improve your credit score

There are many ways to improve your credit score to boost your chances of getting accepted for a better mortgage deal.

  1. Pay off any outstanding balances you have on credit cards and try to keep your credit card usage to just one or two rather than multiple cards.
  2. Not all debt is bad debt. If you can show that you have handled debt well and paid balances as agreed between you and the organisation, this will reflect well on your credit report.
  3. Pay your bills on time
  4. Register on the electoral bill
  5. Check that all of the details on your file are correct

These and more can help to improve your credit score, alongside general sensible spending and keeping tabs on your spending.

Remember: The longer you keep in control of your finances, the stronger your credit report becomes, so if you are worried about it being problematic, there is always time to redeem it.

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