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Why choose us as your broker? London Mortgage Broking is our speciality, London and Home Counties Mortgage advise for the larger mortgage, fixed rate, re-mortgage, Offset, first time buyer and Buy to Let. There are a number of benefits to using a broker as opposed to directly dealing with a bank which many home buyers are unaware of. We have a selection of reasons below that only touch the surface when it comes to a better deal for you and your mortgage. Hover over each item to find out more.

Comparing the Market

Comparing the Market

We have access to multiple lenders to find the best rates and lowest fees for you.

This is Personal

This is Personal

We provide you with a personal and tailored experience and we are freely accessible.

Suffer From Bad Credit?

Suffer From Bad Credit?

If you're having trouble due to low credit scores or income issues, we could be the answer for you.

Get a Free Quotation

Get a Free Quotation

Advice from a qualified independent broker can be very beneficial, especially when its free.
What makes us different...
Select mortgages provides you with a totally free service from quotation advice right through to completion. We specialise in sourcing re-mortgages with free valuation/ free solicitor & no arrangement fees.
Covering a range of lenders

We scan the whole market to get a competitive deal for you. With your best interests at heart, we work with a range of lenders, to ensure you get a mortgage that fits your needs as best as possible.

Let us advise and help with your mortgage on a totally free basis, many re-mortgage deals have free valuation and legal service and many purchase mortgages have free valuation. Your London Mortgage Broker is Steve Herbert on 01792 850017.

Mortgages to suit you We've handpicked the mortgage types that best suits you. Scroll through the different mortgages on offer. Find out the pros and cons of the chosen mortgage type.
What is popular at the moment?....Five Year Fixed Rate Mortgages, these may be wise with an uncertain future.
  • Corporate Mortgages

    Otherwise known as a commercial mortgage, this type of mortgage is a loan for a property that you do not…

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  • Ltd Company Mortgages

    A Ltd Company mortgage is a kind of Buy-To-Let (link to buy to let) mortgage, the difference being that you…

    find out more...
  • Capital Raising

    Capital raising is a way of re-mortgaging your home in order to release funds for other purposes. These funds could…

    find out more...
  • Re-Mortgages

    Re-mortgaging is the process of taking out a new mortgage on a property that you already have an existing mortgage…

    find out more...
  • Buy-to-Let Mortgages

    This is for when you want to purchase a property with the intent to rent it out

    find out more...
  • 95% Mortgages

    This is a loan which covers 95% of the value of the property you are looking to buy. These mortgages…

    find out more...
  • Cashback Mortgage

    A cashback mortgage is one which offers a cash bonus for choosing certain lenders. This cash can be anything from…

    find out more...
  • Capped Rate Mortgage

    A capped rate mortgage is a type of variable rate mortgage (link back to variable rate). The difference with this…

    find out more...
  • Interest Only Mortgage

    With this mortgage, your repayments are only paying back the interest each month. This will make your monthly repayments smaller.…

    find out more...
  • Repayment Mortgage

    As the most popular mortgage available, this option simply requires you make monthly repayments for a mutually agreed term (usually…

    find out more...
  • Tracker Mortgage

    Also known as a Tracker Mortgage, this type tracks the Bank of England interest rate for a set period of…

    find out more...
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages

    This mortgage means the interest rate (and monthly repayments) will stay the same for a specified period of time. This…

    find out more...
Keeping you up-to-date Leave it to us to keep you informed of any changes to mortgaging, be it good or potentially harmful.
Calculators to get you started Calculate your potential when buying a new home.

How much will my mortgage costs be

Get an instant estimate of how much you can borrow with the click of a button and tick off the boxes for how feasible a mortgage can be for you.

How much can I borrow?

We have created a calculator to give you an estimate of how much you can borrow in relation to your annual salary. This can also be combined with your partners salary.
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