GDPR Statement

Select Mortgages GDPR statement

I/we confirm being given verbal disclosure as to the adviser working from a panel of lenders and the adviser will receive a procuration fee from the selected lender as remuneration for the advice process this usually equates to around 0.33% of the mortgage size as an average. I/we were given a key features regarding the advised and chosen product prior to application and in joint cases have both discussed the selected product. I/we understand there may be a more suitable product from a direct only source or exclusive offer or from lenders not on the sourced panel. I/we understand giving false information may jeopardise my/our mortgage application and that attempted fraudulent activity will be reported to the relevant authority. I/we understand there will be credit searches and I/we give the adviser authority to disclose our personal details with the lender, credit agency, FCA or any relevant body requiring such data for the mortgage process. The adviser may act on my/our behalf as intermediary in the mortgage process. The information provided is subject to Data Protection Act 1998. By signing this document I/we consent to the use of our data for processing, manual or electronic and the data being held on record for future use, contact for legitimate reasons only. We have certain access to this data but may be charged and administration fee. Subject to a statutory maximum. I/we also understand the adviser does not sell or recommend any forms of insurances and it is my/our responsibility to ensure I/we protect our debts, mortgage and family for such events as death and sickness. Securing unsecured debts against the home may put the home at risk if payments are not kept up, also adding short term debts to a long term mortgage may mean I/we pay more for this credit over the term. Non Disclosure of material facts may mean the cancellation of the mortgage process. Interest Rate Rises and the effects on my/our mortgage have been explained and are understood. The mortgage product advised by the adviser I/we have agreed to and accepted as the product to suit my/our particular needs, wishes, future plans, affordability and attitude to risk at this time, I/we accept needs and affordability can and will change and cannot hold the adviser responsible for unforeseen or non disclosed changes in circumstances. I/we foresee no changes at this time.

General Data Protection Register

I/we give Select Mortgages & Loans permission to hold/store our personal data on electronic/computer file and paper file, it is understood I/we can withdraw this right, have access to information held and can ask for this data to be deleted unless Select Mortgages & Loans have a specific legal reason to hold this information. I/we understand this data will and can be shared with other bodies in the mortgage process such as lenders, solicitors or any legal authority requesting access to such data. Information can be sent to others in the mortgage process by post and email, I/we also allow information to be sent to me/us by post or email or telephone contact and does not have to be encrypted. Data will be used to prevent mortgage fraud. This same data can be used by Select Mortgages & Loans at a future date to establish suitability of other products and services and to establish new contact at a future time. I/we have read the above statements. The home may be repossessed if repayments are not kept up on a mortgage.