The Best Areas to Buy in 2018

With the national average of house prices expected to move very little in 2018, if you are looking to buy, it’s especially important to do so in an area with some expected growth so that you can get your money’s worth when it comes to selling or if you decide to let out your property.

Here is our list of up and coming areas and regions expected to have a good increase in house prices in the upcoming years.


Manchester is a very fast growing city, and the arrival of MediaCItyUK just on the outskirts has assisted in making the city much more affluent. House prices went up drastically in 2017, rising by almost 7%.

Further growth for 2018 is looking very probable and it is a good time to snatch up a propety.

If you don’t want to fork out for a property right in the city centre. Don’t worry, as house prices in the  whole of the North West are expected to rise by an average of 18% by 2022.


The average house price in Liverpool is £117,700, being well below the UK national average, it’s almost worth just going for it in Liverpool.

There are some major housing redevelopments happening in Liverpool, along with big plans to transform the northern docks with Liverpool Waters. This will provide a lot of employment opportunities, easy city transport and skill development.

This, combined with a Red Brick University attracting a lot of skilled students and graduates, makes Liverpool an area of high expected growth.


As with a lot of property in the North of England, Sheffield house prices are lower than the UK average, whilst increasing very well.

The average house price in Sheffield is £135,600, and increased by 4.6% in 2017. With a lot of people moving from Manchester and Leeds, that are becoming more expensive to live, house prices are expected to increase well for the future.

Stratford Upon Avon

Shakespeare’s birthplace, not only does Stratford-Upon-Avon home a very traditional and idyllic city centre, but it also has extremely high employment rates.

If you can get hold of a good property in Stratford, house prices are expected to rise 23% by 2021. so it could be an investment worth thinking about.


This may come as a shock, but some areas of London are actually expected to rise quite significantly by 2021.

Wandsworth – 31.1%

Westminster – 31.9%

Camden – 33.9%

Buying property in up and coming areas can really help you make some extra money in the future. Look around and see if there are any prosperous areas near you. If you need any advice or mortgage help, get in touch.

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